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tv   Jamal Khashoggi The Silencing Of A Journalist  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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well the country take join us for special coverage of the ukrainian presidential election and out of the around. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london just a quick look at the top stories now ahead of the algerian army has triggered a constitutional move that would see president abdelaziz bouteflika declared unfit for office a red directs intervention by the military follows weeks of protests against the eighty two year old is lead the country for twenty years but he's rarely been seen in public since suffering a stroke six years ago while matheson reports. the head of algeria is army announcing what could be a significant moment in the country's history requesting the removal of president abdelaziz bouteflika from office but that you have in this regard we need to find
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a solution to sort out this crisis and to respond to the demands of algeria within the constitution and within the sovereignty of the country in order to achieve that consensus and to achieve something that is accepted by all parties beautifully has been in power for twenty years has been credited with revitalizing algae riza colony and ending fighting with armed groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed tens of thousands but he's now eighty two and his health has been poor especially since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's become little more than a front man for military and business leaders who his opponents say really run the country. weeks of growing protests finally forced beautifully cut to refer to his announcement to stand for a fifth term he also postponed next month's presidential election a decision designed his critics say to keep him in office algeria's military leaders have been. i'm
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a beautifully his strongest supporters now they seem to be abandoning him but some fear that even if beautifully goes a little may change the army. and the secret services who have had something that really does. have always trying to find a way after their way forward. and that's all that. really but that also all the issues of how can you know young people have their own search that imad also heard about the regime about their willingness to see the regime or meet article one zero two areas constitution says a president should be removed from office if the constitutional council decides he's unable to carry out his duties because of a long term illness if two thirds of parliament agrees the chairman of the upper house will become acting president if we follow the constitutions more or less the
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same people who are running the country at the moment we've been in it for the foreseeable future and forty five days to ninety days depending on the situation the elections. that we would make in major constitutional or legal arrangements so the game we put it would be would be played according to the rules that exist today and this is what the people in algeria have been calling for or against basically they don't want the politics to continue under disabled. lizzie's beautifully his hold on power appears to be slipping but some of his critics fear his allies are determined to remain what matheson al-jazeera. israel's prime minister is threatening further action against gaza after the biggest israeli palestinian escalation in months on monday the israeli military responded to a palestinian rocket attack with a wave of strikes on hamas in the past few hours that been reports of sirens
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sounding in southern israel and a rocket landing that survivors of psycho a died trying to return to normal life after last week's storm left a trail of destruction in southern africa but hundreds of thousands of people remain in makeshift camps with little or no food in mozambique alone the u.n. says that over one and a half million people have been affected. british politicians will vote on a range of alternative breck's it options on wednesday off to parliament voted to take control of the process of the u.k. leaving the european union the move is a major defeat for the government of prime minister to reason may is still hoping to get bricks that withdrawal deal through parliament this week we're back with more news for you in twenty five minutes time al-jazeera world is coming up next i'll see you a bit later life now. in
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the cold blooded twentieth d. in the days of the war they were fixed on the domestic events into tickets biggest city istanbul. the saudi jordan a list war going in the us for the washington boss jamal khashoggi walked into his country's consulate in istanbul but was never seen again. over evidence points to his murder and said just his body was first dismembered and then disposed of. this horrific story has since been well documented above there are still bits
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missing and serious questions remain unanswered as to what has been through the body and who was ultimately responsible. i am terminal miss how old are big and they have been to stumble several times to try and find answers to these questions. a fifteen man saw the hit a squad allegedly flew to a stumble on tuesday the second of october led by a man called manhood abdul aziz in madrid. a newspaper in istanbul became the main source of leaked information to those of us following the hush of the story. moher
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up the losses. for us stumble in and the ship of the day none the less been of a culture is. the good ear. what are the. bends in mali up the. big. india. they are. there among all of the year me and the. third to the earth when this by the fire ola ultimate official if they can only imagine what a war more than all other. disquiet flew into stumbles attitude international airport on monday the first and tuesday the second of october twenty eighth. by six in the evening on the second intelligence already had suspicions that something had to have been to germany. inside the saudi consulate.
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zero a good excuse if access to these the comments they are the two authorities reports on their investigation at the airport. this see that a private. so digit took off without being searched another plane carrying members of the head to squad was searched. intelligence agents disguised as airport staff searched that second plane thoroughly before takeoff but found no traces of general hushing who saw the it up honestly took modern method of head of the saudi to squad three hours to leave istanbul. but took a security still doesn't know much of the detail of what happened in those three crucial hours. this is video showing the plane that big.
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from ataturk airport. a black the blue much to belong to the saudi consulate drives up to the plane. the security staff could not search this plane and it took of around six thirty pm on a tuesday the second of october only a few hours after her ship she was seen for the last time. what we don't know though is whether the plane was actually carrying kushat his body dismembered or otherwise. why. our source is a former officer in the id the turkish national intelligence organization. he worked for the agency for more than two decades including a period in saudi arabia he's also had access to some findings in the case.
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scenario there is evidence that hushovd his body was cut into several pieces after his marriage or so why i ask the nurse was if this could have been smuggled out of the consulate or even out of the country in diplomatic bags if it had happened to them i say. so no couple. said. this will not or curtain call on the club is a done. only just that it is i and diplomatic mr mallory so all of that they are normally go to young as all diplomatic korean make one has a long history. almost console's. they calla eleven or are. young they are question most young men to. be honest most of the.
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although the to some of us in the troop to generalize. the fifty man so demand their squad arrived in istanbul and if three separate groups on the first and the second of october. viv informed two groups. one a group cheeked into the move in because and live in district near the city consulate . the other group went to the nearby wyndham hotel. to leading members of the squad stayed in these rooms. matter of them as easy matter of the head of the head to squat. and so have to buy a forensic experts believe to have been responsible for later dismembering
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a ship just but it also involved was the head of saudi intelligence in istanbul. talk to touch it isabella an opossum unit or this up with a majestic mr bushell's a letter citizen the villagers or while it is a measure was anxious. the. pill are now may upon. its thumb on the good of your children or michelin the. service and the. direction the stumble are sought on all to. do. the bell get out or good deal or the use the go to appear rather. the. our information is that i. flew to riyadh
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to receive the plan a from saudi the beauty intelligence chief. was a need then told the saudi consul in istanbul mohammadi of the plan say within and i mean. if i thought i asked. if he had come across like this while he was in saudi arabia. so dualists what artists. sillies least put out some you've been which hasn't talked least to me or that i live in your poem or. if you mean it says in the middle east on a canal dish did absolutely question the fact we've been so this pilot because that's too aggressive the. nun. suit is scientists then they spot them washing the sustanon ossett in the military young's cover was a car bomb they had been killed in car that he really. has in the muslim the
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russian city of all all us. a middle man on stuff going to be named the saudi jews do the second difficult job of the hit squad out of the hotels . at eleven am all fifteen of them at the saudi consumate. at one fourteen b. . he walked into the consulate in the now famous speech and was ambushed. burned. through all that colon of the article the jewel that it is our couldn't. get you a compass and the devil and you're odds on a couple but machel sure that it's your been doing us them hostile journalism and us the odds i'm a cup of mind you're
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a multicultural to the push it it's a little that was council of some of us and. they're the only member extant manya surve did the day on a big mission all the time sort of yet a serial that. one of the it was a mortgage and mohamed el. who was in build them. sort of just a germ dear just mae west. us that we're. on the phone thought earth sallah or should it in the near to the sons of the jungle near. the parts of the yes at that or just unfortunate that a queer one of those them by love say a fellow push at that. wall is an inch an echo ulas. janai a tenth o'boyle. must say the thoughts along muster up the schmidt which of south syria. at three zero zero eight be civil to bloom or to cars lift the consulate
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taking different routes. someone to the house of this would be consul not far from the consulate. that would be security with put forward for possible options as to what happened to her ship just by the. one based on movements of some of the hit squad was that it was dumped in the fast billy great forest. to that it was taken to the saudi capital riyadh on the private sudesh it. this is based on i remark the former saudi royal court advisor saw dooku funny is reported
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to have made in a leaked record these kind of conversation yes bring me his head. three based on the idea put out by this would be government video was a nuchal collaborator and that the body was taken somewhere into decay. and for the body was taken to the city council's house a theory we would return to later. energy. lenity even your own. but though the warble. in a seed field where the harrar been put to and in bad luck a towel one thousand and in. in the less the weather and what are some who are the lemon whole energy ruskell and god would you with us as us and she would watch the top dissolute do not.
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cost dan and did any of us in the case of money getting to be if i decide what. it is it the of those. of us on the get even if i this on it but on it's not and then it is that mitchell was so that up some diplomacy going to some like demi schools and. it's not all mines are just typical are considered they're also just take them of us and to support an unknown them so that their. most often imagine he was a member of the saudi disquiet he was seen on the c.c.t.v. leaving the saudi consulate and walking around the streets of istanbul wearing that it has shifted zyklon this. and made them even when to another man the same time i
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am a district would he change his close look at taxi and went back to his hotel. i tracked down the local taxi driver who drove on my then he and his colleague he showed me the exact route he had to defend him. schiller the. negative direction is there for them now i think that i reach my arm because anyone pick. or telling car to move out of the one run the bottom don't blow on non-peak yani. falafel your can on all tell us and if you can no matter we myself i washed. it all you know will she killed it. to you. a second that a little mad men and guess
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a lot of men here on the phone i do eat all the machinery to bang sod each give me all. i'm not going to bang. sock. jodhi to. in that of someone or so they in their movement pick will tell you look for the good start and hold on hold on. but i will talk to me all about and i'll get it done get you. some other way. or done a your truck. johnno along. with me still to this earth. start of the color i'm going to go out and get.
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your. porsche to. turn up to look washed up truck ontario pulled me off the lot. on the afternoon of tuesday the second of october i thought woman was waiting anxiously for jim on hush outside the consulate. she was. and she became famous overnight as the last bit of sun to see a life before he entered the consulate and reported him missing. and this will be visible. any minute now checking the c.l. help here to. junkies was widely discredited by the sue the media who caused those who had a relationship with. a
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mutual friend of hush. your money or money. on the run. in the show you would enter the us of my people tomorrow we're. going to be in. our. mother my birthday. and ask to her health president or the bill i was called to do. as a nurse or to another was not. as her shook his fiancee had these yankees has understandably avoided media attention since his death. she does have really brought it to by the turkish authorities for you and leaked
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reports that she might also be a saudi targets. she agreed to speak to us in her first exclusive interview with arab media savvy jani and i'm saying young men unearth a corn field and then walk of fame we have it and i think as though i've been to the site i hope and sigh and the edges of the canal or yanni but again i'm on my hundred thought out in an inferno where i became a target a far better at a vein a cure the initial rush of. junk mail yet if you will think it's all because i have a chance to. call for all four. can deflect from because one guy tickets to the. well again and that all around. you and we are asked which accumulate kind of
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funny and i get stumped on this mr anderson and. made up stuff on experience that. arca from the fall of talk about the economy the one that gives only with regard language because for the so let it go stab us in the take out a film like alec the follow up on love for o'keefe rich the. yani father to. see mr laird i been coming back to the they've been the kind of me i cannot them because today with them or not. or not for a. follicle footage that took a guy live i want it just the. other. is that it. almost sort of could finish the gallon that i thought an election under reaching and to help them with the of a problem or a as a first. now. not that bad then why
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that is that i am and one of the never would have been the emergency manager upon a time machine or in the shop worth of no i'm a firm. finesse seen with more than a cup of her the shape young king a corner cometh over what all is name see the original can have a macand are hardly heavy mama hasa be a whole the sage of a. very little possibly a sort of the for stumble. fathers fall for a lot of a lot oh my god i would actually shell out hope they are committing an act i luckily been made to feel that it gets getting a bunch of our lives a missile or a couple that are made in your heart in a cut all spotted up near by your own with a q well if you know about gay it can work if not almost a get together the course of the moment to get a cure while the whole cope. without the organ. lot of that because we think
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it's a rabbit fumbled. with that he but it is good evelyn a thought i'd like one of us but you're the one with the fear bobby davis. started to more than get a good bit so let it be that he john when they can do things without it. such snub did him good ever allowed them to move the atlantic on the minimal lame card that had a show in the car that weekend to be on time york to all the around him if we get on board let it go from a to z. are all a sagem a hush of the week and a fifth seminar shima september eleventh. leave it in the my head would think if they were that. if they are told we should be given the we are in the shit with a little money in this its not all the bonding that we did for them but our big stick open and the. low thome of them to binge moment each minute should all move them up. arcus not in a formal no no doctor jani if you came from a then in your band on the net i will mother for the record to do the start of all
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the following book you dump. on the thought is the thought only cure the road only to your own discovery and each other could call the comment that they took the ecosystems that thought that shadow is the harder to form star trek of a crime the. would obviously the search for the third begin to get a good method the cause that i give for se what i can i'm sure forget it they got it into getting it. after that first visit to the consulate on the twentieth of september twenty eighth . he returned to stumble on the morning of the second of october. he went to his new apartment and the middle east for a break first before the fatal follow up appointment at the consulate. meaning no
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our thing. for. which there with polish to get in but our baggage in danger. that about four four am there on what i have already been fully. formable we are never the one i want to get a truck on the french to get the death if i got him started out of fog no other call for or for our telephone the skunk shown up with some of it out on a given and there which. we are thought could to keep us all of our luck off the earth a lot tell us all charlie and the owner thought with their good average and thought of the health of korina isthmus of the thoughts that are less age of one hundred. than a minute often in the not of god having a shop like in hell who i'm in this morality time of the gravel or with out that lot of good. i had to do a salwa judum now. hotshot g. must have known that his political views and his work for the washington post put
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him at considerable risk and he were in the middle east but he needed the comment to money. we now know that the meeting was a set up and verve this was the last time the show would see had fields. where ever you. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that meant is because only a project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation
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occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. i know i'm maryam namazie and london just a quick reminder of the top stories for you the head of the algerian army has triggered a constitutional process that would declare president abdel aziz beautifully fit for office now this follows weeks of mass protests in which tens of thousands of people took to the streets. the secretary says who have had some evidence. of the i am sorry how are always trying to find a way after their way forward after the car was there to see and that's what they're trying to do. better that all saw the issue of how can you know
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you have people have their answer that and the math on start about the regime about their willingness to see the regime released israel's prime minister is threatening further action against gaza after the biggest israeli palestinian escalation in months on monday the military responded to a palestinian rocket attack with a wave of strikes on hamas in the past few hours there have been reports of sirens sounding in southern israel and a rocket landing there survivors of cyclonic diet trying to return to normal life after last week's storm left a trail of destruction in southern africa in mozambique alone the u.n. says that one point eight five million people have been affected british politicians will vote on a range of alternative bricks it options on wednesday after parliament voted to take control of the process of the u.k. leaving the european union the move is a major defeat for the government of british prime minister to resign may who still
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hoping to get a break that withdrawal deal through parliament this week the incumbent president of the calmer our islands has been reelected to office winning more than sixty percent of votes president as early as tsunami was widely expected to win sunday's election and secured a second term many opposition candidates were banned from running in the indian ocean archipelago which has seen several coups since independence in one thousand nine hundred seventy five. and australia's prime minister says he's very concerned after an al-jazeera investigation showed links between the us gun lobby and an australian political party officials from the n.r.a. were filmed by al-jazeera as investigative unit advising australia's one nation party on how to deal with public opinion following a mass shooting of those who had lines.
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enter the saudi consulate a two one fourteen b. am on a tuesday the second of october twenty eighth. he had gone to college to the commenting needed in order to marry his turkish fiancee. who waited patiently for him outside before calling very much away for. conan to do. we were just offered to look at the city because you are welcome. for the two mother had a call or two to run jamal there's
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a lot of course for you. what you don't unlock outage or go to comfort matters are to met a java java along. our general console you're going to fall for. all go on that about funky john white on the stage show them show all john the diet but have you simulate the phone mish shit out of the emotion or weather or to moment. generally. being on the other before it was given you have fallen much taller than the poor and more of the storm over all the one where the ark of the she has knocked out on thirty inch tip. bats and other sort of shatter. out of our. you can have a bad bad in the holy. in the dot. com session dot com is a man with a sword the iraq war but only
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a world war iraq war. and whether she. possibly. could have my weapon our daily one of the ads let me know. about any matter of our they were a. result of soto was. what i was well none of those she josie are both so lucky to have sat i think there sat so much at the sun talisay there's enough to be dated limit that we haven't developed. but you're sort of like it if you say out of the corner they gotta come. in and then after that with a big league team in which is a bit awkward fishing again with the only. child that shall be jennifer i. want to
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give very best to get after mr. douglas has some are more than she used to but you know if she all the only child built. before it. could get in the iraq well mother how they thought their conversation there that are the iraq that are not only are they invalid ever thought of she let you know who having done she did all that. somebody called. a lover a freak of hers as jamal and. i interviewed jamal hushabye jean december twenty seventh again about mohammed bin cell mass political and social changes in saudi arabia. i said i thought that the crown prince good very blizzard of media coverage of his reforms internally and internationally but wasn't he just trying to cover up a lot of the secrecy in society and the human rights abuses in saudi arabia over
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for the hades. well. we're going to get. over the. kernel with. this one how do you know. we. were. not much was widely known about before his matter that. i asked his clinton to tell me more about ten about why he was banned from writing
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and tweeting in to get a pm and why he had to travel to the u.s. to work. and if we can know who's in a way as to know. in any of us and i'm tired you must try to do whether it was up to us or distinction in which what they did that and somewhat that we look at that kind of mood today that kind of quote. me to read today then you connect them and you had you do need and want to make an effort when other have them a kind of attitude where they can connect when i'm asked which doug do and die fat on the homestead at the twin in the nag me tighter. than at the airport on the title was the thought the tweet us or the weather is june and if you're so da then when i got out of the the news saudia and you could. yes go to.
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the sue the government was extremely slow to comment on the question for you case. but it was forced to bow to international pressure and five days after his disappearance the rotors news agency was invited into the consulate in istanbul in an attempt to show they had nothing to hide more than general severe. abuse for their. it was some form of to drill down. into the arena. in the book i look. out there of the. companies has denied the superdome was not aware of this even the senior leadership of our intelligence service was not aware of this. but these initial so your responses did not have the effect they had hoped for a major diplomatic role blowup between the two and saudi government's.
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evidence shows that the first contact between the two countries over the matter there was a phone conversation between the head of intelligence a confidante and so it would be counted prince mohammed bin someone in the evening of the second of october. intelligence was a clear that he had not left the consulate she done asked us to admit what had happened to her so that the case wouldn't damage to the peace or the additions. but mohamed bin said monday night any knowledge of events and thought that he was being threatened. that was the end of the for. reuters and that was that the oh it was up to one of the judges yeah but i was about actually in the middle i would almost rather this all the the memos are the technique really type and the more like a rule has got omegas a distant feed to the opening with a little bit of both start of the meditation de mayo players have been used to see
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to get. that up to that and it was then the horse but that got rid. of him and. i just pulled out. from the start and kind of demanded that the other respond to its many questions and name the members of the mad their squad. at the same time there was an explosion off me distorted bill don't leak to the kitchen for. one after another and getting this these to come clean about what has happened. here if you and its supporters came under increasing pressure. i asked two hundred sally of the t.v. channel why information was released bit by bit she couldn't believe it you know and if you missed it here and there written indicate that the brilliant parts of it in the little russian literature for. you did little to show that done for your
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deliciously you're a part of them it's a mission the key us and we turn to munich to me just to get it going you know media situation and. each do you run into you on how to do a long. drink or all the doing you know it's your committee. in the in the research kind of this trunk checked you out or bizarre that they did it will be little much german given dutch when the cabled now that will mark and at the time which at the minimum the words yes you need then it would mean that as. well as above i would actually help him out what was certainly the her out to the washington post new york times would see and then put out of the liquid room the level of the kind of food that the mother had that you could you had it as well lakewood had the asthma been a took it was sort of the year. as i led media were stored. than that you who've
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got the. that erik's claim to have made a set of audio recordings of exactly what happened in the consulate. but as part of their strategy they didn't make these recordings public instead this send them to the intelligence agencies of other countries including the american cia. i went to the third capital ankara to meet a member of parliament. he is known for having a close relationship with turkish president but on. a saudi you want to feel that. john was a comin and for certain other on the top job. done like him not to look at the
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local reel off a month ago. a hundred eleven for. an assault. at the heart. of the earlier in a minute or a half of those i heard it as yes what a tough alicia had a lot of. hey i want to be a turkey at i don't appear to miss there's a person. without it all i can the god a. little jedi are. those who heard of the turkish audio recordings however were convinced that the had been horrifically murdered inside the consulate. but the question remained as to what happened to his body. the consulate became a media and was under constant took a surveillance. then on the fifteenth of october fifteenth this after the murder
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investigators were allowed into the saudi consulate for the first time. i visited the forensic security center where then first the gaiters had analyzed the samples that they had collected from the consulates and the saudi consul's house. the information i hope to and suggested that the saudi team had arrived at the consulate after the mather to hide the evidence. they had been to the walls of the counsel's office were hushed that he was cult and his body dismembered. in their nine hour search that the kitchen fisty gaiters removed the new paint and found some bills of hostages blood on the walls as well as fingerprints of this it would have disquiet. the turkish a criminal investigation continued for
11:46 pm
a further five months focused on identifying what had happened to hush up his body . this is the house of the saudi consul hamad letty. it sierra that members of the saudi had a squad were caught on c.c.t.v. carrying suitcases soon after her. disappearance. investigators so this provided the evidence as to how he should just body had been disposed. of there was more. than fifty gators made an extraordinary discovery. a huge of an which they believe was built especially to dispose of the body. we can now show exclusive pictures of this of and while it was being constructed in
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the period leading up to her shift his disappearance. these pictures were taken secretly by the man who pulled the of an average twenty eighteen the time one hundred thirty first started visiting istanbul. i met this man who agreed to talk to me on condition that his complete identity was concealed. only lived here we you know you know them you. wendy and sure if we're to. live with pollution issue and. we were all here watered you know who will. i will to know your me call our moroccan maybe do. under whatever tool of rommel who are you hearing. across.
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me if that were you anyone how you can see how well you got to still read were on on the whole well to know him to move with the. i'm a shift in shifting gears it will clue ronnie will have a move for them in the year the finals are on for what we should be for the mini huge to deal with. and all to look over of us working with a whole lot of shock and when we hear you in a hurry are we dish to the orange on a sort of wanted us muscles or so we are to move forward. for the whole of the whole shield was it a little over the causal community or on what dish we hold to choose all of the thirty she does it's harder for you all we know it was
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a little for me does it hurt or when a winner from now the attorney will just huddles with me who are we to hold an inch taller from the. whole roof when we do that does it for our learning is too real for you is that it crashed out of it or does your car or your on the median believe it will be in an interview with an invaluable if you know you have it it was sort of our model in any way to shoehorn valladolid walk but you want at least that will you follow bro you see luke would. look for brazil to move a hot hell out of brazil at the time of the live in the hope of a lot of holes with the wiki for harvard or with her members lou when you're on a while you had a car with a majority of members on the tarp who would have been there only to
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progress your new will. and no record not go or even for a solo illusion of war or look a little ball of energy one can manage or. well when i remember. the very good job of the new york. board. almost certainly a new group. so. also acquired. and often this size would certainly have been powerful enough to dispose of his ship just body. that the authorities established it had been used for three days
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after the suit cases were counted into the consul's house. the also discover that an order had been placed for forty five kilos of fried meat from one of the two blister ants in istanbul. the thought that this large quantity of meat was used to disguise the pending of much of just body and hide all the traces of it a lot of your movies. were left in that are not obvious from india. and a bit. of the other. if
11:52 pm
it had a million to to diminish the cost of the water the water surely. they got a well it'll be over the knee about a lot about. you know what possibly you know but a lot were for it our whole lot. on the twentieth of october twenty thousand five days after took investigators had discovered the fish being and the blood on the walls of the council's office the saudi government finally admitted that a crime had been committed inside the consulate. but their story was still fake rather than referring to hostages mayor there the talked about a local could have been it or in turkey but with new details. saudi arabia said it would bring those involved to justice and demanded the execution of five of the english murderers. but the murder squads were a parts were still unknown and the consul had gift to stumble when he had to say
11:53 pm
the same matter to. a saudi the more that it stumbled. no more than it would have on my can. to make and my room the one who had the general hotel know his own. santa. feed thinking had a cover who are who are living say that i don't model count after that. the whole affair has fundamentally a fifty two kids relationship with saudi arabia as well as with you and has changed global if you will about the morality of very behavior. lee have had this. election and humbly learn let me and general
11:54 pm
casey. if you want the. theater. of fortune oh you're the be an island sod or the salute out the light at the say and has us in the war. two chemistry that are based on this film it is a town is the pot it is still in the truck it is a quarter of all the lower one. body. so it is if this bill is going to be milked and also him so that it was done also. on the them is the pot head if it owns a little north of the. right it. says it all on the billet that's always a lizard it's the part of the organism. for
11:55 pm
the international community the question is whether the opposition have the approval of the crown prince mohammed bin. however says it has started court proceedings against those it believes were involved. at the u.n. human rights council in geneva in mid march of one thousand nine hundred the head of the saudi human rights commission made a brief statement about the tree. of the. fall of the dome. cafe. but the saudi failure to provide any names or details agreed to argue and lead investigation into the matter didn't convince the human rights organizations. refuse the international independent investigation that's when they are hiding something and what they are hiding very hard name for it appears on. all of this
11:56 pm
operation that the person who ordered this operation here is still safe and he's still leading the country from what we've seen from the outset since this whole whole saga became became public has a series of obfuscations and denials by saudi arabia some cases where there are accounts simply do not fit the facts and so it's very difficult to have confidence in there and the narrative whatever the status of the pseudocode case crown prince mohammed bin solomon still has tough questions to answer about his alleged role in the affair. a week before the geneva statement thirty six countries issued. joint statement condemning saudi arabia as a treatment of detained activists. but this by then to national outcry over hostages murder some countries continue to trade freely with saudi arabia.
11:57 pm
that can the mr refuses to agree to a new unlit investigation and this by the volume of war full evidence we still don't know whether those ultimately responsible for hostages this will ever be openly held to account. hello again it's good to have you back well we are looking at still some very very heavy rain across parts of queensland the flooding is going to continue you can see here on the satellite image this is the remnants of what we had for cyclon trevor still brings
11:58 pm
a very heavy rain across that region that is going to continue over the next few days so widespread flooding is expected in that area over here towards brisbane though it is a rainy day that's going to continue as we go towards wednesday the showers are going to make their way just a little bit more towards the north or for melbourne we do expect to see a nice day for you a little bit cooler with a temperature of about twenty two degrees as we go towards thursday clouds start to push into the region the temperatures do come up in sydney it will be your nice day with a temperature there of twenty four well across the south island of new zealand we have been dealing with some very heavy rain willie dealing with this frontal boundary pushing through the flooding situation has been quite severe across the area one bridge was actually washed away in the south island now that front is making its way towards the north island things are getting better for christ church but up here towards auckland we do expect to see some rainy conditions there and the rain will linger as we go towards thursday and then very quickly up here towards japan really not looking too bad in terms of the rain here on wednesday we're going to see some clear skies across much of the area but more clouds are
11:59 pm
expected to come in as we go towards their state. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and mishit you off trashing you know the next not insignificant in the embers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as it quine again. very significant by dictating the governments in the fucked up policy though shalt not kill part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. teams and time off change in discovery getting sympathy to invent things they don't use to see time to forge an identity not seeing anything tangible to the big effect to mean your whole life plans to truly just one thousand nine hundred ninety nine south africa up to revisit the children of apartheid seventy s
12:00 am
on as they grow and develop with their countries and fourteen up south africa part two on al-jazeera. this is. a low i maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up the end of an era algeria as powerful army chief triggers the constitutional process that would declare president abdelaziz bouteflika unfit for office zero zero three zero zero zero zero the move comes as mass protests against beautifully because twenty year rule continue across the country. israel's.


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